Who We Are and What We Stand For


Community First, Live Life Better.
It’s all in our name.

When you choose Community First as your support partner you become part of us, part of our community and we put you first.

Putting our clients and our people first is more than just in our name. It’s the way we think, the way we work and the way we live our lives. It’s this kind of commitment that has allowed us to continue growing over 30 years from a small Mandurah community services provider to being one of WA’s most respected support based organisations – a stable, respected member of the local WA community.

When you choose Community First you become part of us, part of our community and we become Your Community First.

Community First
Live. Life. Better. … whatever better means for you

Our Purpose is to provide assistance to those who need it to allow people to better manage their lives.

Person First Planning Service Philosophy

You are always at the centre, and your needs drive our service approach. Everyone we support is an individual member within our community – which we consider consists of both those supported (our clients) and those providing supports (our staff).

All of our services focus on the ‘person first’ and are always designed around the individual. We call this approach ‘person first planning’ – because we always start with the individual and their needs.

  • If you have a disability our aim is to allow you to live a good, independent life;
  • If you suffer from a mental illness we partner and support you on the road to recovery;
  • If you are aged or frail we provide in-home support so you can remain independent at home for longer.


Our LOCKER values are the heart and soul of how Community First goes about our business.

Leadership – Through leadership we encourage the opportunity for positive change.

Openness – By interacting openly and with integrity we engender trust and a sound working relationship.

Creativity – By being creative we are more productive, flexible and innovative in designing and delivering appropriate supports to meet client needs.

Knowledge – Continually updating our knowledge base ensures we are equipped to achieve our best.

Empowerment – By empowering individuals to act we generate better outcomes for all.

Respect – Through respect we create positive interpersonal relationships, treating others as we expect to be treated.